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Karen Frances McCarthy is a published author and religion/spirituality writer based in New York and Dublin. She is a graduate of the London School of Journalism, has an MA from University College Dublin and is preparing for a PhD in Religious Studies.

She contributes to a variety of media outlets on religion and spirituality issues, including Salon, Huffington Post Religion, Beliefnet, the Irish Echo and Riverdale Press. As an SNU accredited public speaker, she educates people on twenty-first century views of life and the afterlife. She also has a keen interest in philosophy, physics and consciousness.

Formerly a political journalist, she was an embedded Iraq war correspondent contributing to The Irish Times, Times Union, and The News Tribune. She covered U.S. politics for The Irish Examiner, wrote a daily news report for Al Jazeera. As an author, her book The Other Irish was supported by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs as a cultural outreach effort in Ireland's cross-border peace process. It received considerable attention from NPR, BBC, the McClatchy newswire, The Huffington Post and many other TV, radio, and print media outlets. For this work, she was named one of the top Irish female broadcasters who have made an international impact.

In television, she produced two documentaries with Deepak Chopra, The Crystal Cave and Alchemy: The Art of Spiritual Transformation. She also wrote and produced the documentary series, Made in America, about immigrants, focusing on the challenges and triumphs of the human spirit. It received an Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) nomination for best documentary series.

She is currently working on a new non-fiction book about science and religion and the search for truth.

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